Research interests

sociology of family, sociology of youth


Dragan Stanojević (1978) is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology. His key qualifications are: 11 years of doing social research in Serbia and the SEE region, participation in national and international research projects. His research and policy work is focused on family relations, youth and children, education, social inequalities, social inclusion and life course patterns. Strong expertise and extensive experience in design and implementation of quantitative and qualitative surveys; familiarity with international methodologies: European social survey, LSMS, LFS, MICS, SILC, Time use surveys, World values survey, European values survey, etc.; statistical analysis including multilevel and structural equation modeling, and qualitative analysis (with software packages NVivo, MAXQDA, Atlas); preparation of analytical reports; policy analysis in various forms; dealing with sensitive issues.

Selected publications

(2018)   Oblikovanje novog očinstva kroz prakse očeva u Srbiji, Beograd: ISI FF

(2016)   Postajanje roditeljem u Srbiji, Beograd: ISI FF (sa Smiljkom Tomanović i Milanom Ljubičić)

(2016)   Elements of life satisfaction among young adults in Serbia, Journal of Youth Studies (sa Smiljkom Tomanović i Milanom Ljubičić)

(2015)   Rural/Urban Disparities in the Situation of Children and Women, Belgrade: UNICEF

(2015)   Tranzicija od obrazovanja ka tržištu rada mladih u Srbiji. Analiza SILC podataka. Beograd: SIPRU

(2015)   Young people in Serbia, Belgrade: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, SeConS (sa Smiljkom Tomanović)

(2014)   Jednoroditeljske porodice u Srbiji, Beograd: ISI FF (sa Smiljkom Tomanović i Milanom Ljubičić)

(2013)   Međugeneracijska obrazovna pokretljivost u Srbiji u XX veku, u: Promene osnovnih struktura društva Srbije u periodu ubrzane transformacije, ur. Mladen Lazić i Slobodan Cvejić, Beograd: ISI FF.

(2012)   Getting on their Feet? Changes in economic status of young people in Serbia between 2003 and 2011. Stagnation and Drift in the Western Balkans: The Challenges of Political, Economic and Social Change, ed. Gordon, K, Kmezic, M., Opardija, J., RRPP, Peter Lang. (sa Smiljkom Tomanović)

(2012)    Media Use Among Young People in Serbia, Sociologija, Vol. 54, No. 2: 369-385.

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(2012)   Environmental activism as a new form of political participation of the youth in Serbia. Sociologija, Vol.54, No.2: 387-399. (sa Jelisavetom Vukelić)

(2012)   Mladi i društvena integracija u Srbiji, u: Mladi – naša sadašnjost, Istraživanje socijalnih biografija mladih u Srbiji, Smiljka Tomanović (ur.), Beograd: ISI FF

Selected presentations

Dragan Stanojević. 2018. Tradeoff in political engagement of young party members in Serbia, Book of abstracts: (Being) Young in context. Concepts, contexts and comparisons in youth studies, pp. 24 – 24, Srebrno jezero, 13-16 September 2018.

Tomanović, D. Stanojević. 2017. Factors influencing ethnic exclusiveness among young people in Serbia and Slovenia, Global Youth Futures: Perspectives and Prospects, Ericeira, Portugal, January 16th-17th, 2017.

Stanojević, J. Petrović. 2017. Instrumentalisation of Youth Political and Civic Participation in Serbia, 13th ESA Conference Abstract Book (Un)making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities, European Sociological Association, European Sociological Association, Athens, Greece, 29 August – 1 September, 2017.

Marija Babović, Jelena Pešić, Dragan Stanojević. 2016. The Culture of Political Clientelism – Values and Norms Underpinning Clientelist Relations and Practices in Serbia, The New Challenges of the Sociological Imagination, The Association of the Sociologists of the Republic of Macedonia, pp. 32, Makedonija, 25-26. novembar 2016.

Dragan Stanojević. 2015. Agency in reconciling work and family among young parents in Srbija, Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination, pp. 666 – 666, Češka, 25-28. avgust 2015.

Dragan Stanojević, Smilјka Tomanović. 2015. Differences and inequalities in strategies of providing resources in the transition into parenthood among young parents in Serbia, Freedom and Necessity: Class Differences, Lifestyles and Coping Strategies in the Times of Economic Crisis, Institut društvenih znanosti „Ivo Pilar“, Zagreb; University of Zurich, pp. 32 – 33, Hrvatska, 3-4 October, 2015.

Dragan Stanojević, Smilјka Tomanović, Milana Ljubičić. 2015. Elements of Life Satisfaction among Young Adults in Serbia within the Context of Structural Risks. Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risks, Journal of Youth Studies, pp. 146, Danska, 30. Mar – 1. Apr, 2015.

Dragan Stanojević, Jelena Pešić. 2015. Informal Practices of Capturing Economic Resources by Political Elites: Exploring Party Patronage in Kosovo and Serbia. Social, political and economic changes in the Western Balkans, Regional Recearch Promotion Programme, Foundation Open Society Macedonia and University of Fribourg, Makedonija, 28-29 May, 2015.

Dragan Stanojević. 2015. Radne strategije mladih roditelja u Srbiji, Izazovi nove društvene integracije u Srbiji: koncepti i akteri, osnovni rezultati projekta, Sociološko udruženje Srbije i Crne Gore, Institut za sociološka istraživanja, Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Beograd, 27-28. novembar 2015.