International online conference 4-5 December 2020 – Western Balkans in comparative perspectives – European Social Survey

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and policy makers in the region to present and discuss research findings based on data of the European Social Survey and other comparative data collections. This forum will provide a framework for discussing possible collaborations and joint efforts in advancing scientific research in the region, including practical issues such as funding, collaborative research grant applications, methodological and data archiving problems, and so on. It will also put significant focus on connecting researchers and policy makers in order to promote usage of the scientific data for evidence-based policy making.

The conference will be a two-day event. One day will be focused on solely academic content, including paper presentations and discussion about data collections and prospects of joint cooperation and publications. The second day will be dedicated to connecting with the policy-makers in the region and discussing how the academic work can become more used in evidence-based policy making with focus on cooperation among research infrastructures in the Western Balkans and European Research Area.

Please click here for the conference program.