New Publication of the Institute for Sociological Research

The Institute for Sociological Research published a monograph titled Stratification Changes in the Period of Capitalist Consolidation in Serbia, edited by Mladen Lazić and Slobodan Cvejić. This study presents a continuation of a long-term scientific project of research on the transformation of class structure and social stratification in Serbia, initially launched in 1989. In 12 chapters, this study offers an analysis of data collected during 2018 on nationally representative samples of adult population, looking closely at accelerated consolidation of capitalist relations in Serbia. Study itself encompasses several topics. First among them focuses on vertical class mobility, but also on systemic changes of relations in the sphere of economy like the material position of the households, consumption and the labour market. Further subject of analysis encompasses political relations, activism and above all, changes in value orientation. At the very end, various methodological aspects are also considered, focusing particularly on social dimension of this survey. Publication is completely available for free download on the following link.