The most recent publication of the Institute on urban changes in Serbia

The most recent publication of the Institute for Sociological Research, edited by Jelisaveta Petrović and Vera Backović, deals with current urban changes in Serbia. “Experiencing Postsocialist Capitalism – Urban Changes and Challenges in Serbia” through overall eleven chapters offers thorough and detailed analyses of socio-spatial transformation of Serbian cities and intense processes of neoliberal urbanization. Also, it gives a glimpse into reactive moment, initiated by various urban actors in this specific context of postsocialist capitalism. In the first part of the book, contributors delineate in detail the processes of urban transformation in Serbia. Here, analytical focus is set on profitable gentrification and urban megaprojects such as the Belgrade Waterfront, with their key manifestations being socio-spatial inequalities and commodification of urban practices. Second part of the book however, sheds the light on various actors and their confrontational strategies. Here, contributors underline the importance and occurrence of urban initiatives, “bottom-up” struggles and creative practices, emerging in opposition to aggressive investor urbanism, corrupted state institutions and lack of protection for public goods. Publication is completely available for free download on the following link.