Jelisaveta Petrović

The book “Ecology” on the Periphery of Europe: The Creation of the Environmental Movement in Serbia explores the development of environmental activism in Serbia in the 21st century. The results of the research show that professional environmental activism began to develop at the beginning of the 2000s, along with the intensification of the European integration process. Foreign funds, primarily from the United States and the European Union, have given impetus to the development of professional environmental organizations, which are the backbone of environmental action in Serbia, although the environmental NGO sector created “from above” cannot be equated with the environmental movement in strict sense. However, there are indications of the development of the environmental movement “from below”, manifested in environmental protests and spontaneous initiatives that have emerged in Serbia in recent years. Although the priority of economic development remains the biggest obstacle to more thorough environmental protection, the problematization of environmental issues such as air pollution and the construction of mini-hydropower plants and the emergence of local resistance to the exploitation of natural resources by multinational corporations speaks in favour of development of the environmental movement in Serbia.