Jelisaveta Vukelić

The book Environmental Sociology: From Theory to Practice deals with the development of Environmental sociology from its beginnings in the early 1970s until present day. The main goal of the book is to examine the theoretical scope and practical (applied) capacities and limitations of Environmental sociology, with a special focus on climate change, as the greatest environmental threat today.

Considering the role of sociology in facing global environmental challenges, the book shows that a thorough reflection and reconceptualization of its core theoretical assumptions, as well as a change in attitudes towards other sciences, should lead to a departure from the dominant anthropocentrism deeply rooted in the discipline.

Although Environmental sociology has taken the first bold steps in the direction of recognizing the interdependence of people, society and ecosystems, and the biophysical conditionality of social phenomena, so far it cannot be said that it has come a long way. This book is a small step in that direction.