Jovo Bakić (ed.)

The monograph consists of three broader parts: research of creation and reproduction of nations; study of xenophobic nationalism in politics, football, and music; and research of victims of xenophobic nationalism. The first part has three chapters. The themes of the chapters are the usage of St Sava in Serbian nationalism; emergence and reproduction of Macedonian nation faced with neighbouring nationalisms; and role of anti-communist nationalism in changes of the school names. The second part has four chapters. Topics of the chapters are xenophobic nationalism in politics at the example of the Serbian Movement Dveri; xenophobic nationalism in football as it manifested by organization and ideology of the “Delije”; research of the three fan tribes (the “Delije”, the “Grobari”, and the “United Force”) as recruitment centres of the extreme right; and extreme right values and attitudes in Serbian rock music after the break-up of socialist Yugoslavia. Finally, the two last studies pay attention to some victims of xenophobic nationalism: Romani people in village Jabuka (Serbia), and the Serb refugees from Knin who decided either to return to Croatia or to stay in Serbia.