Serbia praised for international scientific cooperation in the report of the European Commission

“In the last report of the European Commission published on October 6, Serbia is praised for international cooperation in science and research. Specifically, what is emphasized is the successful participation of Serbia in the Horizon 2020 program, together with membership in CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and ESS ERIC (European Social Research Infrastructure).

European Social Survey (ESS) is a methodologically and theoretically the most comprehensive international comparative research, conducted under under the auspices of the European Research Consortium – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). European social survey has been conducted from 2002 every two years and meets the highest methodological requirements standards in social sciences research. ESS is also recognized by institution of the European Union (European Commission and EU Parliament) as one of the key data sources that enables measurement and understanding long-term structural changes, but also changes in value-cultural patterns and the practice of citizens in European societies. Data from this study used by the European Commission for regular monitoring of social phenomena and formulating practical policies at EU level.

Serbia was part of the European Society for the first time in 2018 wave, and its participation in the next round has already been secured.”

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Srbija pohvaljena za međunarodnu saradnju u izveštaju Evropske komisije