Structural and Action Potential of Local Development (2013)

International conference “Structural and Action Potential of Local Development” was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade on 13th December 2013. The participants discussed various aspects of local development – sociological, socio-spatial, socioeconomic, cultural, political, and environmental.

In the first session, the emphasis was placed on the concept of territorial capital in the context of strategic research, local development, the creative use of local traditions, and environmental issues. Attention was paid to the concept of “smart” cities in Serbia.

During the second session, participants, presenting the case of the Zlatibor region, highlighted the significance of the local communities as a resource for development, especially in rural areas.

The actor approach dominated within the third session. The role of local government, politicians as urban actors, and in particular the processes of inclusiveness, political participation and the protection of citizens’ interests were underlined as preconditions for local development.

In the fourth session, attention was devoted to the identity dimension of territorial capital – the socio-spatial identity of Belgrade, as well as medium-sized cities in Serbia. Local activism and spatial mobility, as a prerequisite for improving the quality of life in cities, were the topics of the final session.

This conference was organized within the project “Challenges of New Social Integration in Serbia: Concepts and Actors”, funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Book of Abstracts (in Serbian)